Senses and Stillness Yoga for Wellbeing is carefully designed to target stress reduction and

enhance wellbeing with Classes, Retreats, and Integrative Therapy for individuals.

“…it is not that the person needs to accommodate him or herself to yoga, but rather the yoga

practice must be tailored to fit each person.”

(Desikachar on Krishnamacharya, from “The Heart of Yoga”)

Because we are all different, Senses and Stillness Yoga for Wellbeing is necessarily versatile

and adaptable in its approach, drawing upon all Yogas in Integral Yoga so that you can find the

path that suits you best. Underpinned by science to bring rigour for safety, ancient Yoga for wisdom,

and the Balinese way of ‘living’ their Yoga for balance and harmony.


Our Yoga has helped reduce symptoms and re-balance common issues like joint pain (knee,

shoulder and back), high or low blood pressure, depression and anxiety, fibromyalgia, asthma and

respiratory restrictions, digestion and elimination issues, recovered from major upsetting events or

previous experience with cancer and more.

To keep you safe during COVID restrictions, Vijoleta will only be teaching online.


The classes are not pre-recorded but rather created online live every time, ensuring that every class is an interactive community sharing yoga, with regular students and their friends and family. If you can't make it to a class, you can obtain a recording of it.


There are 3 different kind of classes offered every week

Gentle Yoga class,

Restorative Yoga class, and Advanced Yoga class.


The three classes offer different ways to experience Yoga and hence can suit a variety of interests and needs.

The annual Bali Retreat with Ketut and Vijoleta offers Photography, Creative Writing, and Balinese spirituality fused with Yoga, exploring the senses as an extension of Yoga's meditative experiences. The week deepens a respect and understanding of Balinese culture and we support venues owned and run by Balinese (there are so few left!) as a fundamental part of the retreat experience.


The unique use of photography as a meditative "stillness" tool developed by Vijoleta more than 10 years ago, has inspired many retreaters to bring this meditative photography tool home into their lives, as a conduit into the present moment and the beauty held within the tiniest moment.


Yoga can help to address a myriad of physical, mental, and emotional issues. The rapidly growing body of scientific research into the effects of yoga continues to verify ancient yoga knowledge.


Vijoleta's Integrative Therapy Clinics melds her science research and Yoga knowledge with her qualifications as a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Remedial and Yoga Therapist, and Clinical Neuropsychotherapy Practitioner (see Yoga Australia  listing for more about Vijoleta).

Whether it's your grumpy back, cranky knees, stiff shoulders, sore neck, escalating anxiety and stress levels or other issues, Vijoleta can work individually with you to address your particular needs.