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2023 Bali Retreats

Nyepi Retreat 18 - 24 March (FULL)

only open to students and past 'retreaters',

immerse into Balinese New Year's Day of Silence.

Contact Vijoleta for more information.

Renewal Retreat 3-9 September

This retreat focuses on deep relaxation and release. Using stress-release yoga, meditation, pranayama, and self-massage, to surrender into the healing energy of Bali.

(photo at left by Lynda White)


Going Deeper Yoga Retreat June (date tbc)

For experienced practitioners, join us for an experiential exploration of what's behind Yoga practice, drawing on yoga philosophy, current science, mind-body integration, and Balinese Yoga. Designed for those who want to delve deeper into Yoga and maybe share Yoga with friends and family. 

Contact Vijoleta for more information.

The Art Of Yoga for Yoga Teachers November (date tbc)


Developing the Art

of Senses and Stillness Yoga

 for Well-being - mentally, emotionally, physically.

Contact Vijoleta for more information

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