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We offer deep extended learning in small groups (up to 7 people) to ensure personal care and guidance is available during this transformational experience, with Yoga Alliance certification, to share our particular approach to Yoga to enhance your own personal development or for teaching.

Workshops and Intensives in Sydney:

Delving deeper into understanding your Yoga

Designed for people for whom Yoga has become an important part of their lives, these short informal Intensives will be offered to create an opportunity to delve deeper into the many aspects of Yoga for personal interest and to share informally with friends and family.

We believe extended time and practice are fundamental to developing sufficient knowledge and personal experience to be able to then guide students towards well-being with safety and authenticity. That's why our Programs are offered in separate Modules over a period of time. 


2022 Yoga Immersion: Delving Deeper into Yoga

Date to be advised

Very excited to offer this new Yoga Intensive which has been created in response to requests for a 'learning' retreat that sits somewhere between a formal Teacher Training course and our retreats. So we have designed a week with a small group (8 maximum) where you can delve deeper into Yoga and perhaps learn how to share your passion with friends and family. Drawing on ancient Yoga philosophy, current sciences, mind-body insights,and the Balinese perspective, be guided in an informal way to find your own experiential expression of Yoga through a variety of practices. 

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Post-Graduate Yoga Teacher Training Module 4 Bali:

2021 Date to be advised

50hr Module (+ 25hr optional post Bali).

Continuing to develop the Art of Senses and Stillness Yoga.

There is the option to accrue the hours towards a tailored RYT500 certification.

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 Whether it’s the science of asanas or breath or fascia, or Yoga philosophy, psychology, or therapy use, or meditation techniques, or using voice and language, Vijoleta can create a partnership with you to deepen your understanding of different aspects of Yoga. Contact Vijoleta.


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