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Online Restorative Yoga

Thursday 5:30-6.30pm  |  Vijoleta


Created to de-stress, release physical tension, and pause some of our mental activity. Suitable for people at all levels of Yoga, this is a deeply nourishing hour practiced while mainly lying down and using slow meditative awareness techniques.


Online Advanced Yoga

Saturday 9:30-10.15am  |  Vijoleta

Using strength, energy and meditative techniques for advancing and widening our yogic repertoire for overall health and dissipating our body and mind stresses. For experienced practitioners and can include inversions.


Wednesday 9.30-10.30am  |  Vijoleta


Ideal for people seeking a gentler practice. These classes develop awareness of your own body and mind in movement, stillness, strength and breath. Classes are suitable for those with restricted movement or injury, or for older people. A chance to release tension, increase circulation, strength and fluidity of movement, and enhance physical and mental balance.


Online Gentle Yoga


Integrative Therapy Clinic
For Individuals

Individual Sessions  |  Vijoleta

Vijoleta offers Integrative Therapy Clinic sessions tailored for your specific physical and mental health issues. Contact Vijoleta for appointments and more information.


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