Online Restorative Yoga

Thursday 5:30-6.30pm  |  Vijoleta


Created to de-stress, release physical tension, and create a pause in the mental activity. Suitable for people at all levels of Yoga, a deeply releasing practice mainly lying down and using meditative techniques.


Online Open Yoga

Saturday 9:30-10.15am  |  Vijoleta

Moving and connecting for release, exploring deeper strength, energy, inner awareness, and meditative techniques.


Marrickville Open Yoga


Tuesday 5.45-6:45pm | Susan

Saturday 1-2:15pm  | Vijoleta 

(2019 ends 22 Dec, 2020 resumes 30 Jan) 

Suitable for people at all levels of Yoga, with pranayama, meditation, and movement


Wednesday 10-11am  |  Vijoleta


Ideal as an introduction to yoga, or for those with restricted movement or injury, or older people,  or for those seeking a gentle practice with awareness and a meditative attention. A chance to release tension, increase circulation, and enhance physical and mental balance.


Online Gentle Yoga


Integrative Therapy Clinic
For Individuals

Individual Sessions  |  Vijoleta

Vijoleta offers Integrative Therapy Clinic sessions tailored for your specific physical and mental health issues. Contact Vijoleta for appointments and more information.


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