Restorative Yoga

Thursday 5:30-7pm  |  Vijoleta

(2019 ends 19 Dec, 2020 resumes 30 Jan)

Suitable for people at all levels of Yoga, the focus is on a deep releasing practice mainly in supine positions, with lots of props to ease all that mental and physical tension that we have gathered during the week.



Marrickville Advanced Yoga

Saturday 10:30-12pm  |  Vijoleta/Lil

(2019 ends 22 Dec, 2020 resumes 1 Feb)

For Advanced students.

Moving and connecting for release, exploring deeper strength, energy, inner awareness, and meditative techniques.

(Currently closed to new attendees due to space limitations).


Marrickville Open Yoga


Tuesday 5.45-6:45pm | Susan

Saturday 1-2:15pm  | Vijoleta 

(2019 ends 22 Dec, 2020 resumes 30 Jan) 

Suitable for people at all levels of Yoga, with pranayama, meditation, and movement

Singapore Open Yoga

Friday 6:30pm  Roujun

Chinatown's Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in English

Saturday 5:30pm  Roujun

Beginners class, Taman Jurong in English 


For queries and more info, kindly email


Wednesday 10-11:15am  |  Vijoleta

Open Yoga class for Jacksons Landing residents.

(2019 ends 18 Dec, 2020 resumes 29 Jan) 


Ideal as an introduction or for those seeking a gentle practice with use of props such as the chair, to release tension, increase circulation, and enhance physical and mental balance.


Jacksons Landing Residents' Yoga


Integrative Therapy Clinic
For Individuals

Individual Sessions  |  Vijoleta

Vijoleta offers Integrative Therapy Clinic sessions tailored for your specific physical and mental health issues. Contact Vijoleta for appointments and more information.


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