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A special Singapore Caregivers' Workshop 9 June

Giving ongoing care to others, both personally and professionally, or experiencing the passing of a dear one, takes its toll.

Experience how Yoga can be a powerful way to find your way back to balance, acceptance and wellbeing.

This Workshop is open to all. It introduces the key elements of Yoga - physical postures, breath, and mindfulness and meditation, and also some of the science behind the techniques.

Stress is part of our daily life now, but even more so for those who continually care for others, takes its toll also during grieving periods. Stress, whether it comes from a period of prolonged background stress or from a single traumatic event, affects us physically and mentally, shifting the way we view the world and gradually affecting our health and wellbeing.

This is a special workshop offered to you from the heart, an initiative by Roujun Yip and will have 3 other Senses and Stillness teachers present - Audrey Weishan-Kong (Singapore), I Ketut Sukra (Bali), and Vijoleta (Australia).

Each teacher will share their way of helping you find your way to touch a moment of peace and balance during the workshop, a gift to yourself, and you'll discover simple tools that you can take and share with others. All are welcome.

Date: June 9 10.30-12.30

Contact to register: jyn@97833691

Cost: $20

Address: 15 Yan Kit Rd, Singapore 088267

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